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Frequesntly asked questions

Security and Inspection

Information on Free baggage allowance for hand baggage and checked -in luggage
** Hand baggage is that the passenger carries into the cabin under the passenger’s responsibility for storage
** Checked baggage is that the passenger consigns for transportation to the carrier and which will find/pick up at the destination.

Free baggage standards allowed by airline carriers, in general ;
1) Carry-on bags
Bulk : Less than a total of 115cm after adding the height, weight and length
Weight : Under 10kg
Quantity : Total weight of all bags added together

2) Checked baggage standards for Korean Air (KE), Asiana (OZ) and foreign airlines
a) America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, other US territories)
Bulk : Less than a total of 158cm after adding the height, weight and length
Weight : Under 23 kg (Travel Class) or 32 kg (First and Business Class)
Quantity : Up to 2, total weight of all bags added together
b) Destinations not to the US
Bulk : 1 bag under a total size of 158cm
Weight : Under 20kg (Travel Class), 30kg(Business class), 40kg (First class)
Quantity : Total weight of all bags added together

Also, the above clauses are applicable to all passengers over 24 months old, and most airlines normally allow 1 bag for infants that are less than 10kg.

** Airlines may have different standards and allow extra baggage for VIP passengers and high mileage customers, so please confirm with the airline for detailed information.
Hand luggage Restrictions
Mainly Sharp objects (eg. fingernail clippers with knives, Swiss-army knives, scissors, stationary knives, etc) are all prohibited from carrying into the cabin, so please place it in the checked baggage at the check-in counter.

In addition, the above mentioned items should be placed in a case and made easy for X-ray inspection. If this is not done so, you may be called to witness inspectors opening your bag and searching it.

Butane gas, aerosol, pesticides, spray paints, etc. cannot be placed in the plane at all. For details, please refer to the restricted items' list.

Lighter on cabin restriction ordinance (Apr 14, 2005~) Passengers destined for the US may not carry on or check-in lighters.

※ Cooperation requested by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Passengers not destined to the US may carry on 1 lighter per person, but may not send as checked luggage.
※ US Territories: Including the US, Guam, Saipan, Western Samoa, Virgin Islands, etc.
Questions on taking batteries, storage batteries and sprays into the plane
Carry-ons: Batteries inside electronic products, extra batteries, and storage batteries may be carried into the cabin. However, storage batteries for battery powered wheelchairs must first be removed. Once both poles are disconnected it may be brought into the cabin.

Also, 1 hair spray, cosmetic, perfume, or shaving cream under 0.5 liters can be carried into the cabin.

Checked baggage: Liquid storage batteries (Storage batteries with electrolytes) are strictly forbidden in entering the plane, but normal batteries may be sent in checked baggage.

Except the above mentioned items such as hair sprays, all flammable sprays are forbidden on the plane.
Information on inspection for passengers who are pregnant or have heart problems
The electro-magnetic field caused by the inspection equipment (metal detectors and hand held metal detectors) at Incheon International Airport is minimal and is not harmful to people.

However, pregnant women who are uncomfortable with it or those who do not want to pass the metal detector because of cardiac pacemakers can request inspection agents to conduct physical searches instead of passing through the metal detector.
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