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About Kurdistan

Runaway of infinite growth for a new IRAQ

Runway of infinite growth for a New IRAQ

Located in the north-east of Iraq, Kurdistan’s population is continuously growing and it is distributed into four governorates: Erbil, Suleimaniah, Duhok and Halabja.

The Kurdistan Region covers 50,000 km2 and it borders Syria to the west, Iran to the east, and Turkey to the north, where fertile plains meet the Zagros mountains, and is cut through by the Tigris, Big Zab, and Little Zab rivers.

The main language of the region is Kurdish, besides each of Turkmani, Arabic, Assyrian and Armenian. Referred to as “Hawler” in Kurdish, the region’s capital, Erbil is located about 350 km north of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq and it is the biggest governorate of Kurdistan region. Stability and prosperity spurred by KRG’s strong Economic policy have been a source of inspiration model for a new Iraq.

  • Overview

    The Kurdistan Region is an autonomous region in the federal Iraq. With a long history and tradition as well as abundant resources, Kurdistan is embracing the new century .

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